Sara  Quick Deflocculant

Sara Quick Deflocculant

Rs.950.00 - Rs.1,800.00
Add Sara Quick Deflocculant to your slips and glazes to make them smoother, flow better and apply better.

The addition of a deflocculant to a medium, such as casting slip, evenly suspends the particles and causes a more fluid flow.

VOL: 500 gm & 1  kg

Why not just add more water? Why use a deflocculant? 
The advantage of using a deflocculant over water is that the addition of water will alter the shrinkage rate of your slip, or the application properties of your glaze. The more water, the higher the shrinkage rate of your casting slip, and high shrinkage is typically not so desirable. The more water, the thinner your glaze application will be, and that may not be so desirable, either.

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